BOOK REVIEW:SubtleArt of Giving a F**K

  Today I started reading this book and trust me its really powerful.The author Mark Manson has an amazing story telling skills, the words he used were different in the book and i was thinking "Wait why is he using these words" (of-course, they were used sensibly and  it felt like they were used for a reason) My Take on this book in simple 5 steps 1.Powerful The messaging and narrative of this book is powerful 2.Value Packed Everything in this book is about you and the value you can generate for yourself. There are some important questions he raises in this book 3.Should you care about everything?  4.Do you need to give a F about everything? 5.What is important? What is not Important? 6. And an extra sixth step "MOTIVATING" If you also want to buy this book, you can buy using this link it supports the charity i support  Buy the book at Amazon About me I am Raghav and i am seasoned data analytics professional, i love to the see the world in data points professionall
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